Portable Cooling Fan

$19.95 $39.99



  • RAPID COOLING: Strong power ensures maximum air flow. The design is perfect for outdoor crowds, even if the temperature is very high, don’t worry about outdoor activities, because this fan can calm you down, this is a must-have for summer.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE: suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as office, home, barbecue party, beach, camping, hiking, tourism, etc., easy to carry anywhere, any suitable for trend people.
  • 3 SPEED WIND MODE ADJUSTABLE: small current, large air volume, 3 levels of adjustment, whether you need a small amount of air or need to quickly cool, can meet your needs.
  • LOW NOISE DESIGN: The mini fan works so stable, just like a friend quietly whispering, will not bother you and your family to rest or home.